All daymarkers, or waterway channel markers, are manufactured in USA with Coast Guard Approved fluorescent background and high intensity reflective numbers and borders on alodized aluminum per specifications.

  • (* You must Specify Numbers where noted) Please allow up to 8-10 days for delivery, although many times we are able to ship sooner. Excess freight or shipping charges may apply on Large sizes
  • Larger size Markerer has a nominal range of 1 nautical mile.
  • Smaller size is visible 1/2 nautical mile and intended for privately marked channels.

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CHANNEL MARKER SG1 -36"x36" - Port Daymark
Price: $162.00
Availability: Allow 4 weeks
Item #: SG-1 36 -

    SG-1 36"x36" Channel Marker for ODD NUMBERS* Square waterway marker- also called Port Daymark.080 aluminum Green Fluorescent background and high intensity Green Reflective numbers and borders, Made to FWC and Coast Guard Specs

    Channel Marker SG1-24"x24" - Port Daymark
    Price: $90.00
    Availability: Allow 4 weeks
    Item #: SG-1 24 -

      SG-1 24"x24" Green Channel Marker for ODD NUMBERS*Square waterway marker on .080 aluminumFluorescent background and high intensity numbers and borders,Made to FWC and Coast Guard Specs. Also called Port Daymark in Aid to navigation SPECIAL ORDER--call or email any questions

      Channel Marker TR-1- 36" - Starboard Daymark
      Price: $110.00
      Availability: Allow 8-10 days production
      Item #: TR-1 36 -

        TR-1 36" Isosceles Triangle 36" X 36" X 36" .080 alodized aluminm made to FWC and Coast Guard SpecsChannel Marker For Even Numbers*Triangle Waterway Marker is also known as Starboard Daymark or daybeacon In Aids To Navigation.

        Red Channel Marker, starboard daymark or day beacon
        Price: $180.00
        Availability: Allow 2 weeks
        Item #: TR-1 48 -

          Tr1 48 Isosceles Triangle 48 Height X 48 Base Daymark Or Red Waterway Channel Marker. Made To FWC And Coast Guard Specs . Also Known As Starboard Daymark or daybeacon . Used for marking channels - also for entering Marinas and private waterwaysOn .25 aluminum or .080 Aluminum Red Fluorescent Background And Red High Intensity Reflective Numbers