Official Sign for the Coral Springs Trespass program. Sign reads: - Notice all Coral Springs Police officers are authorized to advise any person to leave these premises. Failure to leave the premises after being instructed will result in an arrest for Trespass.

  • Heavy duty Traffic sign is 24"h x 18" wide
  • Reflective .080 Aluminum Sign.
  • Radius Corners and 2 holes for center mount.
  • Sign is in stock for on-line orders, or pick up at our store, First Sign Corp in Pompano Beach.

Note that the property owner must sign up with the Coral Springs Police Department to enroll in this Trespass Program in Coral Springs, FL . More information can be found online at the Coral Springs Police sponsored website Trespass Barring Program  

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    Coral Springs Trespass Sign - Notice all Coral Springs Police - 18 x 24 Reflective Aluminum Official Sign for Coral Spring Police Trespass program.